The Company

WILSON INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ARTEFATOS EM COURO has dealt with the segment of leather artifacts since 1992. We have been established in this business for quality and finishing excellence, being a solid company that, every day, gets more space in the leather products market share.

Our main objective is improving the quality of our products every single day, resulting in a distinct product from our competitors, using only high-quality leather.

Our releases can be checked at Anhembi, in São Paulo, during Francal Fair, always in July, when occurs the grand-opening and presentation of the next summer¿s models.

Wilson currently has over 120 products from wallets, briefcases, suitcases, henchmen, belts and key chains in different types of leather. The reason for that is our goal to always offer and provide to our customers the best products, day by day.

Check also our KAROLINE ALMEIDA collection - women products who have portfolios, folders, and various accessories, always following the Brazilian¿s and abroad fashion trends, following the same quality control of all our products.

Purchasing WILSON products you will certainly be making the right choice.

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